About Me

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Hi!  Most people call me Lizzy.  I’ve always loved to make things.  When I was little my mom always made sure we had plenty of paper to draw on.  I loved to draw, but I would go through rolls of tape creating objects with paper.  Things like furniture, books, 3-D landscapes, characters…

My first year of college I got a job designing web pages for the online courses at UVU.  I taught myself how to use photoshop to make buttons & banners, and I read a book on HTML & learned how to create websites.  I worked for about a year before I got married, husband joined the military & we moved out of state!

I have been lucky to have a husband who was able to provide for the family while going to school full time and allow me to be a stay at home parent since 2003.  We have five amazing kids!  I love seeing each uniquely different personality start in life and develop.  It is such a miracle. Although my husband and I both grew up in Utah, since being married we have lived in Texas, Southern Utah, Oahu, California and only just recently moved back home.  We were spoiled living in wonderful sunny places that it’s hard getting used to the cold and messy winters here.  I never even considered how all seven of us would need a completely new wardrobe twice a year!

Some of my passions include reading, researching, playing with Photoshop, travel, trying new foods & baking, nutrition, hiking, camping, sewing, drawing, any kind of art projects, landscaping (new project), interior design, and dancing (you-know, the kind you do in your living room 😉 oh, and I do love Zumba!  Oh, and I love the UB40 radio station on Pandora.  I am a lover of landscapes.  Forests and beaches are where I feel at home.

Over the years I have loved being able to spend time at home with my kids.  I love to read and share that love with them.  I can’t even say I have a favorite book.  I love so many.  I feel like I have taken a small piece from each one and that piece stays inside me somewhere to help make up the person I am.  I feel deeply similar about the people I have met and the places I have been: London, Bath, Paris, Venice, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Savannah, GA…and the places I have lived, especially Oahu where were lived for 4 years. It was such an amazing place!  I wouldn’t trade my experiences of living in different places for anything.

One learning experience is that I have had to be on my own in these foreign places.  My husband traveled for work, once it was for 4 months.  I have talked to others who have not been apart from their spouses for longer than a week or even a few days-they say they can’t imagine it or that they think they couldn’t handle it.  Athough it was scary, you learn that you are tougher than you think.  You do it because someone needs you to.  That’s one of the things you learn being a parent, especially when you feel on your own.  Traveling will always be high on my priority list. There are still so many places I’d like to see & experience.

One of the things I have loved doing is birthday parties and holiday parties for my kids.  I like to make them extra special.  Of course the internet is full of fabulous ideas and I love finding fun ways to make cakes, decorations and games for my kiddos!  To see them so super excited is such reward for staying up all night to create it.

My mom graduated from the Fashion Institute in California and so growing up, I have always been aware of fashion, and grew up designing my own clothing for my dolls & even myself!  I love having fun with different styles and like to keep up with the current fashions.

Through the years, I have spent time learning more about Photoshop.  I have created announcements, holiday cards, invitations, chore charts and display art.  I have restored many old photographs and can easily modify or enhance photos and images.  I have been recently started spending time relearning HTML & working on expanding my knowledge with all aspects of digital design.  I have worked part-time (7-10 hrs/week) for the past 6 months creating and modifying custom images for an internet game company.

I do tend to think of myself as a creative person, and more importantly…I love doing all things artsy, and I love sharing it!